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Pupil School Groups

The school has a number of Pupil Groups.

Pupil Council

At the start of every year pupils who wish to make a presentation to their class to be the class Pupil Councillor can do so.  Each class then votes to choose who they wish to represent them.

This group take on many different 'jobs' within the school as extra responsibility - such as supervising the stairs etc.  The group meet regularly and have a Chairperson/Assistant Chairperson/Secretary.  Minutes are held of their meetings and they inform all the other pupils of the items discussed.  Pupils can ask their Pupil Councillor to discuss any concerns they have.

Mrs Burgon is working with the Pupil Council this session.

Rights Respecting Schools 

Miss Heenan works with our Rights Respecting Schools Group. This group is made up of pupils from P2-7 with our P7 pupils helping to represent our P1s. Our RRS group help to promote Children's Rights through Articles of the Week as well as working on the Outright Campaign. 

Eco Club

Our Eco Club is made up of a variety of pupils from all through the school. Miss Keillor and Miss Preston help to run the Eco Club. They meet regularly to discuss ways in which they can help Boghall Primary become more eco-friendly. 

Reading Ambassadors

Our Reading Ambassadors are made up of a group of P6 pupils. They've worked with Mrs Thacker to help open our newly refurbished school library. They also help to promote a reading culture at Boghall Primary by working with classes when visiting the library. 

Language Ambassadors

Miss Preston works with a group of 4 Language Ambassadors to help promote our use of 1+2 languages throughout the school. 

Technical Team

Our technical team is made up of 8 P7 pupils and they meet regularly with Miss Armstrong. They take on several roles at whole school assemblies - Roving Reporter, Lights, Laptop and our trusty 'Mothership' that controls everything. They also help to support staff with any IT related questions! 

Technical Troopers

Technical Troopers are also a group of P7 pupils who work with Miss Armstrong. They work with different classes throughout the school and including the nursery to help promote digital learning. They organise and deliver lessons on the different features of Glow. This year they are going to make some 'How to' videos to help support staff virtually. They will also be involved in training our current P6's to take over their role later in the year.